What this program can do for you

We need more women in this world doing business AS women.

She is wanting to connect to her intuition in a deeper way, she has done personal development yet is wanting to feel more connected.

She is a leader in the world, but wants to hone her natural leadership ability from a more authentic place

She has had some good friendships but there is a strong desire to be surrounded by people she truly loves and respects built on less fear and more love; She wants to learn to come into the right relationships in her life with her job, her soul purpose, in friendships, in romance, her parents, and to herself.

She wants to learn how to more authentically OWN your being and carry her in her professional success without fear.

She wants to tap into her emotions for creativity and access that space of infinite possibility, step into alignment with her soul purpose by getting to know HER DIVINE FEMININE nature from an energetic perspective.


  • Accept your authentic self fully for who you are
  • Cultivate deep trust with yourself through intuitive connection
  • Find lasting fulfillment through alignment with your highest most authentic truth
  • Step into authentic self expression through radical self acceptance
  • Become a co-creator and instant manifestor tuning into divine synchronicity
  • Form positive daily mindfulness habits that carry through life


  • Gain clarity on your purpose
  • Increase your confidence and decision making with reassurance around your mission
  • Ignite fearless inspiration for going after the things you truly want
  • Find alignment with your passion and profession
  • Expand into your most impactful, powerful, empowered creation self
  • Embody your highest SELF in all areas of your lifeMaster FEAR and RESISTANCE in making them your best friends


  • Integration is where the magic lies
  • Gain encouragement, support, and accountability for living your dreams with a community of women living the same intention
  • Connect with feminine frequency & the pulse of mother nature, aligning with the cycles and rhythms of earth


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Hi I'm Chelsae

If you’ve found your way here, trust that it’s for a reason. You are part of a unique group of individuals, born into an era of unprecedented access to information, equipped with a keen sense for discerning truth. Your journey to this moment wasn’t by accident. You, like many of us, carry an innate sense that you’re here to contribute to something monumental to the world. 

More likely than not, you recognize that reclaiming the full range of our collective masculine and feminine energies is not just necessary but a sacred path back to our true selves.

My journey from a pants-suited professional in a male-dominated company like IBM to a tantric arts specialist is a testament to the transformative power of this work. Over the last six years, I’ve dedicated myself to exploring the depths of emotional mastery, embodiment, and the sacred interplay between subtle energies that govern our existence.

The more you expand and open the body, the more you can expand the mind into the potentiality field. Becoming embodied is the pathway to liberation and powerful leadership in your life. At the foundation of this work, lives safety. People assume intimacy is about sex, but intimacy is about truth. When you recognize you can reveal all of you to someone and feel their expression as “you’re safe with me,” that’s intimacy.